True Grit Tackle "The Widowmaker" Brush Hawg

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At True Grit Tackle, we appreciate the work and sacrifices of those who are on the frontlines every day. Those who do the dangerous and gritty jobs. Our new products will reflect our respect and admiration for these individuals by having them named for terms and slang used in each profession. 

A "Widowmaker" comes from the tree services industry. It refers to a particularly dangerous tree. These guys put their lives on the line when they are up the trees, particularly the dead and diseased. At anytime the tree can give way, not to mention the skill needed when dropping trees around others property. We salute the men and women in the tree services for all their "Grit" and we proudly offer the "Widowmaker" for you. 

True Grit Tackle "The Widowmaker" Brush Hawg