Spro Sakura 3.5 Green Pumpkin Spice

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Made to capitalize when the bite is tough, the Spro Sakura Worm is a finesse style worm that is deadly in tough conditions. Made from elastomer “Dura Tuff” material and molded with a diamond shaped tail, the Spro Sakura Worm generates a seductive quivering action that lethargic and lure-shy bass simply can’t resist. It also floats tail up when rigged on a ned rig head or shakey head to maintain a defensive posture that triggers a predatory response in bass to attack. Infused with amino bite scent to produce more bites and make fish hold on longer, the Spro Sakura Worm is one that you can always rely on to put five in the livewell.

*Dura Tuff Plastic, Do Not store with other non-Dura Tuff baits.

Spro Sakura 3.5 Green Pumpkin Spice