Spro Rk Crawler 55 Goby

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Not all crankbaits are created equal when it comes to action and deflection, and the new Spro RkCrawler 55 has all the attributes you need to take advantage of a predator’s built-in instincts. It turns those reaction strikes into secure hook-ups that show up at the weigh in. Just crank the Spro "Mike McClelland" Rk Crawler 55 Crankbait down to the bottom and bounce it off everything you can. The RkCrawler 55 does the rest.

-Wide-Wobbling Hunting Action
-Distinct Knocking Fish Calling Sound
-Just The Right Weight & Size
-#5 Gamakatsu hooks

Spro Length Weight Depth
Rk Crawler 55 2.17" 1/2oz 9-14ft
Spro Rk Crawler 55 Goby