Powerhouse 16V 48ah Lithium Battery (RUNS TWO DEVICES)

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This is another game changer in the marine electronics industry. Clean dedicated power for your marine electronics. Enhanced signal strength and returns, better clarity and run 20% more efficient than 12v systems. So your run times will be 20% longer on a single charge. Reduced Amperage means cooler units and longer life.

Industry leading Smart Battery Technology Blue tooth enabled will constantly monitor your battery and make changes to give you optimal performance all day. Keep up with this from the convenience of your phone. 

Buy our battery install kit and never worry about a battery problem again. Be on the water with confidence that your electrical needs are in good hands.


Requires group 20 tray

This battery will run 1 graph and 1 extra devices for 10 to 16 hours

Weight: 16.5 Lbs. 

Dimensions: 7.795" x 6.535" x 6.693" (L x W x H)

Group Size: 20

Voltage Range: 15.3 - 16.8V

Watt Hours: 768

Operating Temperature (F): -4-140℉

Powerhouse 16V 48ah Lithium Battery (RUNS TWO DEVICES)