The Livewell Ep. 43 - All About Those Baits with Rob Williams and Benjie Winkler


Danny and Ryan sit down with Robbie Williams of Spotchoker Baits and Benjie Winkler of Trixster Custom Baits to talk about bait making! Everything from lead baits to soft plastics in this one! We know you will enjoy it!

About Our Guests

Robert Williams

Robert Williams has been fishing tournaments since he was 16 years old.In his words, “I’ve been very blessed to be competitive.” Rob has been in the manufacturing business of making fishing tackle for about the last 20 years, helping make plastic worms with his dad. For the past three years, Rob has been making Spot Choker underspins, one of the hottest baits on Lake Lanier. To learn more about Spot Choker, check out the Facebook page at

Benjie Winkler

In Benjie's words, he is "... just a Small time bait maker and avid tournament angler." However, to many anglers in the Southeast, Trixster makes some of the best soft plastics around. Over the years, Trixster has been building baits for several professional fishermen that are still on tour today and some that's retired. Benjie has had 4 top 10's( known of) on the FLW tour, and Costa Division, one Bass Master Southern Open win, and a second place on The Bass Master Opens. He has also won in the BFL and has cashed numerous checks on the boater/co anglers side of tournament fishing.

To learn more about Trixster Custom Baits, check out the Facebook page at