The A-List Ep. 2 - A Simple Old-Fashioned Cocktail


We’re back with another episode of the A-List. This time Danny takes the lead sharing a product one of his friends turned him on to, Stirrings Old Fashioned Mix. The Old Fashioned is Danny’s favorite whiskey cocktail, but for him, they can be tough to make right at home. Needless to say, he was pretty excited about this mix. Nathan joins Danny to try it out and share their thoughts.

As always, if you have any suggestions on products for us to check out on future A-List videos, please let us know. Anything non fishing related is fair game - pocket knives, beverages, foods, tech, whatever you think would be cool and interesting.

From Stirrings

Better ingredients make better cocktails. Award-winning cocktail mixers and bar ingredients. Available for purchase in stores or online at

Stirrings Cocktail Mixers make it simple for anyone to create festive, craft cocktails easily by just adding a favorite spirit. Our mixers are made from the finest ingredients including real juices and pure cane sugar.

See all of their products at

Product Details

Stirrings Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer lets you bring the craft cocktail experience to your home bar. This premium mix is a blend of real cane sugar, orange, and cherry juice. Add it to your favorite whiskey to create an easy old-fashioned, one of the great classic cocktails.

  • Bring the craft cocktail experience to your home bar
  • Pure cane sugar
  • Real fruit juice
  • No artificial preservatives

Price: Around $7-$8 USD. Find it at your favorite package store or grocery store in the mixer section. 

Yay or Nay? 

Danny gives Stirrings Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer the FNG seal of approval. With a little modification to the ratios, Nathan thinks it's a winner too. Check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think!