October - February, My Favorite time to Fish

A photo of a fish finder, showing sonar and down imaging side by side - with a large school of fish.

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October - February: My Favorite time to Fish

After the summer we've had, boy am I looking forward to Fall and Winter fishing. My favorite time to fish - no question about it.

The water has cooled... the fish are schooled up... and boy can you catch 'em. The fish will stack up in big schools in the ditches... on deep roadbeds... and will feed.

Here's a few from a 50+ fish day last December... Drop Shot, Damiki rig, and a jigging spoon did the damage.  This all took place in just over 2 hrs of fishing. Pretty awesome.  

Here's a link to a video that Jim Farmer made while he, his wife Lisa, and I did a little ditch fishing.   


I've got a system that I've discussed several times and on every sonar trip starting now (September). I will already have many ditches marked in late October - early November. You can really have some fun and could catch the biggest fish of the year during these months.

A photo showing two fish finders. The top showing a school of fish on the bottom of the lake. The bottom graph showing a chart of the lake and boat position.

But first - you have to learn what to look for.  To some - it looks like nothing... to me, I can tell you if a school of fish are on the bottom...belly to the bottom.  Look at the sonar shot... far left - looks like nothing... then suddenly a big school... then they start to retreat right back to the bottom. 

I start booking up fast in late September for the Fall and Winter bite. Contact me on facebook at Lanier Baits or email lanierjimfishing@gmail.com.