LJ's Reports: Think Small and Deep

Image of a brushpile holding fish on a fish finder

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Think Small and Deep

I thought I would let the cat out of the bag. Recent trips (you’ve seen the pictures) – I’ve been on a good fish bite out deep. Here’s some inside information for you. 

We came up with Real Gill (Tim Hawkins at Hammond’s and myself) and I started the Pee Wee’s  – for this time of year. The gamefish will feed on small bream along with Threadfin…and of course Blueback Herring. The fish get on smaller bait so I’ll cut down the Real Gill to about 3”….and start fishing the Pee Wee’s! 

I rig them two ways…..with Lanier Baits long shank hook that I’ll “skin” hook on the side (less plastic to pull the hook thru) or nose hook the baits. I’ve included some pictures on this below. 

I’ll fish these baits on the edge of the timber line in 30’-40’ of water off humps and points…..either main creek or main lake areas. I also set up my sonars to a manual 40’ scale….this keeps me fishing the right depth. I’ll ease up on these areas from the deep….and as soon as the screen starts to print, my eyes are glued to the screen….and if it’s during water release from the dam – I’ve got my Mr. McGoo glasses on and glued to the screens!

Alert!!! This doesn’t mean the fish are going to be on the bottom in 30’-40’….you will see them suspended many times….sure, at times they will be down on the bottom but most times, they will suspended off the bottom. I have a system that I use for this. 

I’ve already explained why I keep my sonars on the manual 40’ scale…..now, when I ease over these deep fish….if they’re up on top of the cover – I’ll start with a spybait, Lanier Baits SpyHead, or our Underspin – the Shad Spin. I like the 1/4oz in the SpyHead and the 1/2oz in the Shad Spin. Pair either one with our 3.5” Swimmer. The spybait….Duo Realis 80 G-Fix or Alpha 62….both weigh 3/8oz. Then ease in and drop shot.

NOW – if I see the fish middle of the cover or down – I go straight drop shot. This happened yesterday on a trip with two youngsters in the boat…and boy did it pay off for them.  Those fish sitting middle down are not in a feeding mood.  The drop shot is a little morsel dropped right on their nose.

Hope this helps – I’ve got a lot of days open in August – please contact me Lanierjimfishing@gmail.com or my cell at 770-374-1000 and lets hit the water. The dog days of summer aren’t as big a dog using these techniques and areas.