LJ's Reports: Let's Talk Sonar and Mapping!

Large schools of fish on a fish finder 2D sonar screen

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Let's Talk Sonar and Mapping

All About Sonar

It's that time of year when sonar and mapping become critical to finding and catching Mega Schools of fish!   

Capture of a Humminbird fish finder screen over a large school of fish

Sonar or Sonar Fishing trips with me are very popular...It's 3 hrs of working on sonar or 5 hrs of sonar work - then 2 hrs of fishing.  By the end of the trip - you have a much better understanding of your sonar and your mapping...and the units are set up and "tweaked!"   

Illustration of fish and bait on a fish finder 2d sonar screen

We cover things you probably don't know about what your sonar is showing you...how to understand what's really down there.  Are those fish right on the bottom?  How many fish are really down there?  These are just a couple of questions you'll get answered.

Now Let's Talk Mapping 

The LakeMaster Chip is the best out there for Humminbird.  This map chip is unreal....shades target area...adjusts depth numbers when you set your water offset when the water comes down for the winter....and you can set it up to draw up every ditch on the lake!   

LakeMaster image showing lake topography

The fall bite is coming....and don't be fooled - the winter bite is awesome too!  Once you understand your sonar and mapping - you can put a lot of fish in the boat.  

Email me at Lanierjimfishing@gmail.com or PM me on facebook and let's hit the water in your boat to set up your units and teach you some things they're showing you that you might not know.

- LJ